24-Hour Urine Collection For Stone Formers

24-Hour Urine Collection For Stone Formers

Patient Information Sheet for 24-Hour urine collection for stone formers


  • Identification of underlying physiological abnormality in recurrent stone formers
  • Monitor efficacy of medical therapy in stone patients

Before the test

  • Samples should be collected when the patient is ambulatory at home and on his normal diet rather than during in-hospital stay and at least 2 months after a stone event or stone intervention
  • Stop all medications which may interfere with the metabolism of stone constituents for one week (e.g., calcium supplements, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, phosphates, thiazides and laxatives)
  • Avoid taking the following foods: coffee, tea, cocoa, bananas, citrus fruits, vanilla
  • You will be given Two bottles: 1) Red bottle (Acid collection) and 2) White bottle (Plain collection)
  • You will be doing 24-hour urine collection two times: Day one (in the red bottle) and day two (in the white bottle)

During the test

  1. Empty your bladder at 7:00 AM the morning you are to begin collecting the urine sample Discard this specimen
  2. During the next 24 hours, all urine voided is to be placed in the urine collection container (Red bottle) given to you
  3. At 7:00 AM the next morning, you must void and add this urine to the container. This will complete your first 24-Hour urine specimen
  4. Start Collecting the second 24-Hour urine in the White bottle repeating the same as above
  5. During the collection, keep the bottles in a cool place at room temperature or refrigerated


  • Do not void directly into the 24-hour collection container. Use a smaller container with a wide top and carefully add each specimen to the large container
  • Your 24-hour container may contain a preservative (acid), which can cause burns to the eyes, skin, so treat with caution. Do not pour this out, add your urine to
  • It is very important to include all your urine specimens. The normal values for the tests are based on complete collections and you want your test to be as accurate as possible
  • If your daily schedule requires you to be awake earlier or later, you may adjust the starting time of your collection; be certain you complete your collection 24 hours after you start
  • Do not overfill the urine collection container. If the specimen will exceed the volume of the container, collect the remainder of the urine in any clean plastic or glass container
  • Be sure to label your container with your name, birth date, and the starting and ending times of your collection

After the test

Bring the bottles to the urology OPD on Monday or Thursday and give it to one of the nursing staff

Staff information Sheet for 24-Hour urine collection for stone formers

  • Give the patient the following:
    • Patient information sheet
    • Two bottles:
      • Red bottle (Acid collection)for the analysis of Volume, Creatinine, Calcium, Magnesium, Oxalate, Citrate
      • White bottle (Plain collection)for the analysis of Volume, Creatinine, pH (measured accurately by pH meter, not by dipstick), Sodium, Phosphate, Uric acid, Cystine
    • When receiving the bottles from the patient do the following:
      • Measure the volume of urine in each bottle
      • Take a sample from each bottle and send to the lab with the recorded volume of each bottle
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