Male reproductive health

  • Testicular biopsy (percutaneous and open)
  • Microsurgical varicocelectomy is done under a high magnification microscope to repair varicocele, which is abnormal enlargement of the blood vessels draining testes, leading to infertility.
  • Transurethral resection of ejaculatory duct
  • Vasovasostomy (vasectomy reversal), vasoepididymostomy (VEA) for obstructive azoospermia
  • Sperm extraction techniques including micro-TESE
  • Hypogonadism and other endocrinal evaluation
  • Cryopreservation of sperms
  • Electroejaculation for semen harvest

Male sexual health investigations

  • Erectile dysfunction and its management with drugs, injections, vacuum devices and penile prosthesis implantation
  • Retrograde ejaculation
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Peyronie’s disease and other disorders of penile curvature
  • Priapism
  • Ageing male (andropause) and late onset hypogonadism
  • Sexually transmitted disease and other accessory sex gland infections


  • Uroflowmetry and urodynamic studies for evaluation of neurological causes of voiding dysfunction and chronic pelvic pain syndromes
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